Did you know that you are not only welcomed, but encouraged to go at your own pace and resistance in each and every class?

We understand many of you want to do every movement suggested by the instructor, but it’s critical that each student listens to their own body and backs off when needed. The “benefit” you’d get from pushing yourself beyond your limits is not worth the risk of injury that could sideline you for weeks, months, or longer!

Our instructors are leading classes for a wide variety of levels, and often ride at the most advanced option. This is a demonstration and an option, not mandatory, just like in a yoga class, when a teacher demonstrates a pose that took years of practice. They’re giving the option for the most advanced participants. You never have to do something that makes you uncomfortable or causes pain. Ever!

Think about it this way: If it was your first year skiing, would you go straight to the double-black diamonds, or would you get comfortable and confident on the greens and blues?

One of the main components of Alpenglow’s mission is fostering a non-competitive environment. That’s why we don’t have leaderboards or demarcations on the tension knobs. We do not want our clients pushing themselves into pain, frustration, or injury, or comparing to/commenting on anyone else’s ability.

Always listen to your body and back off when it’s too much. Raise your hand and tell the instructor if you’re having a hard time. Be smart and keep it safe and fun. That’s why we say, “Find YOUR 10!” It’s yours and no one else’s!