Kim DixonAs a Certified Spin Instructor for more than 20 years, Kim brings a wealth of experience to the team.

Combining the classic mind-body Spin philosophy with the latest techniques and heart-pumping music promises riders a profoundly satisfying experience. What does Kim love about leading classes? “The satisfaction of knowing that our clients took time for themselves. And that they put everything all they had into their workout.”

Some of Kim’s favorite songs to ride to are Chai Chi by Divination, El Nino by Agnelli & Nelson, Shots Fired by Le Caste Vania.

The Cycle/Sculpt is the ideal combo to complete your workout. Under Kim’s guidance, newbies and veterans alike comfortable riding and light weight lifting side-by-side.

Kim also owns Insights, LLC, a marketing company specializing in services and education for small Vermont business.