Cancellation Policy

All class reservations must be canceled at least 12 hours in advance to receive a refund of the class session or not get charged a late-cancel/no-show fee, which is $10 per instance for unlimited members.

You must cancel through your MindBody account.

In order for this small business to be sustainable, and to be fair to people on waiting lists, we are unable to offer exceptions to this rule.

How this works:

For Single Visit or Packs of Visits (6 pack, 10 pack, etc.)

A class session canceled with 12 hours or more of notice will receive that class credit back to use again. For instance, if you have a new 6-pack, and sign up for a class, you have five class sessions left. If you cancel three days ahead of class, you will get your session back, and have 6 classes to use at another time.

If you cancel within 12 hours of the class start time, or do not show up, you will have forfeited a session, and you’ll have five sessions remaining.

For 1 mo, 3 mo, 6 mo, or Annual unlimited packages

Those who cancel with less than 12 hours notice or do not show for a class they have booked will automatically incur a $10 fee to their card on file. Please be sure to only sign up for classes you will attend to avoid this fee. There are a few reasons for this, including that booking a space and not attending prevents someone else from attending. If you’d like more information about this policy, please reach out to Sky.

As a small business, we thank you for understanding.

Late to Class Policy

You must be on your bike by 5 minutes after class start or else your bike can go to another client. This will allow the class to run smoothly without interruption. In general, please plan on being on your bike and ready to go for class start time to be fair to all in the class.

Kiddos Policy

In general we ask if you can refrain from bringing your child to class (unless they are participating in the class of course). If you do need to bring your child from time to time, we understand, and don’t want childcare to be an impediment to your fitness time. We ask the following:

  • Please ensure they are set up for success with a quiet activity and are not disrupting anyone’s experience. Please make sure your child is not talking on the phone, playing movies without earphones, walking around the studio, opening the doors—this can be tough for clients who are there for some much-needed focused fitness time and it can be hard on the instructor.
  • No eating in the studio.
  • Please consider bringing your child only from time to time, not on a regular basis.

Thank you. We love kiddos and love you and know how difficult and expensive childcare is. We are trying to make sure all clients are getting what they need/expect from their experience.

Wait List Policy

When classes are full, up to two clients can join the waiting list.

  • You can join the waitlist 12 hours or more prior to class start. If a spot opens up 12 hours or more before class start, you will automatically be added to class. You will receive an email confirming (please make sure your email is up to date in our system).
  • From 12 hours prior to class to start time, you can join the waitlist, but Mindbody does NOT automatically add you to the class if a space opens up. We do our best to keep an eye on classes to add people on the waitlist to the class, but there is a possibility that someone else could join the class roster during these moments. Unfortunately the software does not have a way around this and we’ve asked them to change this.
  • If the class has the word “CALL” next to it, please feel free to call/text to inquire about class openings – 802-279-0077.

What We Ask as a Studio

• Be kind to your classmates and the instructor.

• After class, wipe down your bike and put your towel in the laundry bin. We have a bathroom and a shower for your convenience, we ask that you limit your shower time to be considerate of others waiting, including the instructor who will lock up 15 minutes after class.

• Stay off your phone as much as possible in class. It’s distracting to your neighbor and we want you to be safe. We understand there are emergencies and sweaty selfies.

• Always wear clean clothes and deodorant.

• Let us know about any injuries or if you’re just not feeling 100%.

• Please do not ask to bend the rules on cost or timing for promotions/special offers. We are a tiny, tiny business and promotions are designed intentionally to help us be sustainable (aka stay in business :-).

• Let us know directly about any issues/feedback you have. We request this feedback be given respectfully and directly in person or email versus stating complaints during class/in front of other people. Clients are here for a positive experience and negative comments may negatively impact their experience.

• We are a body positive studio, please do not comment on anyone else’s body, even if you think you’re offering a compliment. You never know if someone is struggling with an eating disorder, body image, etc., and even the most well-intentioned comments about appearance can be hurtful. The studio is a safe space for everyone, and body appearance may have nothing to do with why they come to class.

• Remember how much it means to us and the people around you that you are showing up. And remember what good work you’re doing for your health and well-being. We are so psyched you are part of Alpenglow!