12 Day Health & Wellness Series

12-Day At Home Health & Wellness Series—starts Monday, April 6!

Dear Alpenglow friends,

We can stay strong and healthy and still be a community during this uncertain time. While we are socially distant, it is easier to commit to working out when you have a plan and a challenge.

Our next program is a 12-day Social Distancing Health & Wellness Series. We have planned 12 activities for the next 12 days, all with modifications/alternatives. Some days will be intense fitness workouts, some days will be gentle yoga. NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT NECESSARY!

Share how good (or bad) it went with others. Talk about a highlight or an inspiration that came to you as you sweated it out. This will help us create connections with the Alpenglow community.

A. Add your name to the first tab of this spreadsheet and track your progress.

B. Completely optional: make a donation to the studio in one of three ways. (With little to no revenue coming in we are grateful for any donations that will help us pay our ongoing bills). (1) venmo @skybarsch; (2) send a check to Alpenglow Fitness, 468 Notch Road, Middlesex VT 05602; or (3) Charge your card through Mindbody.

If you already donated to the previous fitness challenge, thank you, and no further donation is necessary. If you do not have the means to donate, please still participate. The more the merrier!

C. Check our website and Facebook for updated workouts, and please share and post pics and commentary on our new Facebook Group.

Big thanks to Elise Annes for helping to coordinate.

Best wishes,
Alpenglow Fitness

PS – Please go at your own pace and consult with a medical provider before beginning any new fitness program.

The activities will be posted here the preceding day at 4pm.

You’ll need to download the Zoom app (not Zoom rooms) for the live classes. You can put the app on your phone or your ipad/laptop, whatever works best for you!

Workout #1: Ladder Workout

Ladder Workout Courtesy Elise Annes ???PLAYLIST ??? This workout is about 35 minutes. It goes by really quickly. You'll need a phone or stopwatch [...]

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