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$39 for one month of unlimited classes!

Offer ends 12/6/22

If you’re new to the studio, or, if you used to be a client but have not been back since the pandemic hit, you can check out Alpenglow for a full month for just $39!

Alpenglow Fitness is Montpelier’s boutique indoor cycling, barre, and HIIT group fitness studio.

Our mission is to offer fun and effective fitness classes in a clean, modern, and welcoming environment. We welcome and encourage all bodies, all levels of fitness, and all reasons for being here — whether that’s to get fitter and stronger, boost your mood, connect with community members, or simply to get out of the house.

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We know your fitness time is sacred. Our bikes are in excellent condition, and the studio is clean, air-conditioned, and inviting.

Our classes are led by dedicated, inspirational instructors who care about your workout.

Alpenglow has Spinner Shift bikes with computers that track your speed, distance, and calories burned. If you care about that stuff, great! If you don’t, you’ll find kindred spirits in the studio—many of us are there to get an awesome workout to great music with nice people, without worrying about metrics.

Our barre classes incorporate movements from ballet, pilates, and yoga, offering the perfect complement to cycling classes.

Our HIIT/Bootcamp style classes offer full body strengthening, cardio work, and the opportunity to work up a good sweat.

Please join us — you’ll be glad you did!

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