I spent most of my life feeling very intimidated by the fitness world.

When I started regularly attending indoor cycling, I quickly found my love for movement and a new strength that I had never known before. When Alpenglow introduced Barre classes and CycleBarre classes, it took my fitness to new heights. As a result of this, I have grown strong, built endurance, and I have a blast in my weekly classes.

The instructors are warm, encouraging, and engaging and there is such a great community of people in the classes at all levels of fitness.

The experience here has been life-changing for me!

Melanie M.

Brand new clients, try Alpenglow with our two classes for $20 offer!

We’d love to show you around. Please join us for indoor cycling, barre, HIIT, Power Hour, yoga, full body sculpt, and kickboxing classes.

The two classes must be used within seven days. The seven-day period starts the day of your first class. GET YOUR INTRO PASS HERE.

To explain this pass a little more and avoid any confusion: Your first class is day one of a seven day period. So if your first class is on a Tuesday, the second class must take place the following Monday at the latest. We’ve had clients try to use this pass on two consecutive Tuesdays, but that second Tuesday is day eight of a seven day period, and the system will not let you use your pass. Please make sure you’re within seven days so you don’t lose any booking abilities!

We hope you use this pass to try two different instructors, or two different class types, so you can get a feel for the variety Alpenglow offers. Each of our instructors offers their own style, and each class type offers something different. You might find you prefer working out in the morning vs. the evening, or vice-versa.

We have a strict four-hour cancellation policy, so please make sure you cancel at least four hours prior to class start time if you can no longer make it.

This offer is for brand new clients who have never set foot in the studio before. This small business appreciated your honesty.