I cannot say enough good things about Alpenglow Fitness, especially about their Bar45 and CycleBar classes!

I started visiting the studio six-months ago after a decade of not working out. I have found the classes to be incredibly welcoming to all abilities, and the instructors extremely friendly. You quickly discover a sense of belonging and community.

The “bar classes” are strength-training workouts that infuse pilates, yoga, and ballet movements. The instructors offer modifications to make movements easier or more challenging based on where you are in your fitness journey. By attending classes Alpenglow a few times a week, I have rediscovered my motivation and can feel myself improving and getting stronger. Trying something new can be scary!

I am so glad that I took that plunge and am grateful to Sky and her awesome team.

Stephani K.

Get a Total Body Workout with Barre Fitness in Montpelier, VT at Alpenglow Fitness

Are you considering trying barre fitness? (pronounced “bar”)?

Bar is a fusion of pilates, yoga, and ballet movements for a total body workout. If when you think “bar fitness” you think lookalike part-time models doing impossible ballet moves in perfect formation, you have not been to Alpenglow! We offer an incredible workout but keep our classes welcoming, fun, and friendly. We aim for a healthy experience that honors your body, mind, and spirit without any elitist attitude.

First time? You’re in good company.

Bar fitness is relatively new to the Montpelier area. There have been some wonderful classes offered at times but most folks in the area have not tried this amazing fitness style. Most of those coming to Alpenglow classes are new to bar and learning too.

What to wear

Fitness clothes, like you’d wear to a yoga or any other type of studio fitness class. We practice barefoot or in fitness socks, which we have for sale at the studio. These have open toes and little grippies to help you stay safe if your mat/the floor gets slippery.

Please wear clean clothes. Your neighbors will thank you!

What to bring

A full water bottle, a towel, and a yoga mat (we do have mats available).

What to expect

To feel the burn! These movements will strengthen and tone your full body, including legs, arms, and core. You absolutely do not need any prior fitness nor dance experience to enjoy a barre class. For your first class, do your best to go with the flow—do what you can and rest when you need to. We can’t emphasize enough, this is not the kind of studio where you will be made to feel like an outsider or out-of-place if you are new or find the moves challenging. There’s only love at Alpenglow!

Next Steps

Join us for a fun and challenging barre fitness class in Montpelier, Vermont. Visit our booking page to sign up for your first class and experience the burn at the barre. Follow us on Instagram to see our community in action. Don’t miss out on this incredible workout – get toned and strong at Alpenglow Fitness.