Attention fitness enthusiasts in Montpelier, Vermont!

Looking for a new workout option? Try indoor cycling at Alpenglow! Our studio provides a welcoming and supportive environment for all, especially first-time students. You’ll love the community and the challenge our classes bring.

Nervous to try?

One key thing to know is that no one except the instructor is watching you. Other people in class are concentrating on their workout, and are working too hard to notice what you’re doing. The instructor will be keeping an eye on you for safety of course, but otherwise, everyone is focused on their pedaling.

Think it’s going to be boring or not enough of a challenge?

We have many hardcore athletes who say our classes are way more fun and way more challenging than they expected. This isn’t old-fashioned spinning in a windowless basement. Just try a class—what do you have to lose?

First time? Arrive early.

First-time students should arrive 5-10 minutes early for a proper bike fit/mat set up and studio orientation. Our classes start right on time, so you’ll want to be comfortable and safe on your bike so you can be ready to go, and our instructors can lead the class.

What to wear

• You must bring clean, indoor shoes. Our floors, bikes, and those of us cleaning them thank you! You can wear regular sneakers (the firmer the sole the better) or SPD-compatible bike shoes. Our pedals have both cages and clip options.

• You’ll be working hard, so expect to sweat, and wear clothing that is breathable. You can wear bike shorts, the padding can provide a more comfortable ride. But you don’t have to—any sporty shorts or leggings will do. Slippery material can make it harder to stay in the saddle, so try to avoid pants that will make you slide around a lot.

• Clean clothes and a fresh coat of deodorant. We ride close to one another and hygiene matters! :)

• Some riders like to wear a headband – you’ll be leaning over and this can keep the sweat out of your eyes.

What to bring

• A full water bottle! The bikes have a holder for your water bottle.

• A small towel for your bike — you’ll be sweating!

• A hair tie if your hair is long.

What we provide

• Excellent condition bikes, regularly maintained and cleaned. Our computers are disappointingly finicky, so we can’t guarantee that all of them will be working. We offer options to ride to the beat of the music or by feel.

• Yoga/workout mats that welcome bare feet. If you wear shoes during the sculpt or yoga portion, you’ll need your own mat.

• Environmentally friendly soap and shampoo.

• The best instructors and workout of your life!

What to expect

To have fun and an amazing, glow-inducing workout! For your first class, don’t worry too much about keeping up. Just get comfortable on the bike and learn the various positions. The instructor will play a super-fun playlist full of motivating music. She or he will talk you through the class, adding resistance as you climb hills, taking the resistance down and focusing on speed drills, dialing it in and taking off on a straightaway. If at anytime the class feels too challenging or you simply want a break, you can take down your resistance and pedal at your own speed. No one can tell what your resistance is set at! There are no public metrics or leaderboards, and if at anytime you have questions, let the instructor know.

What we ask

• Please help keep the vibe high — we welcome your constructive feedback, but please share it privately with the instructor or staff so you don’t kill someone else’s buzz. Similarly, we are a body neutral studio, and we ask that you refrain from commenting on anyone else’s physical appearance — even if you think you’re giving a compliment.

• After class, wipe down your equipment. We have a bathroom and a shower for your convenience, we ask that you limit your shower time to be considerate of others waiting, including the instructor who will lock up 15 minutes after class.

• Stay off your phone as much as possible in class. It’s distracting for the rest of us. (Of course, we understand there are emergencies and sweaty selfies!)

• Always wear clean clothes and deodorant.

• Let us know about any injuries or if you’re just not feeling 100%.

• Remember how much it means to us and the people around you that you are showing up. And remember what good work you’re doing for your health and well-being. We are so psyched you are part of Alpenglow!

What to know

• We have a strict 4-hour cancellation policy that applies to all clients, including those on unlimited memberships. Please read our cancellation and waitlist policy here.

Next Steps

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