Alpenglow Fitness is a great place to focus on fitness, see friends, and make new relationships.

I work from my home and look forward to the camaraderie of group spinning when I need to de-stress. The class times are convenient and are conducive for me to focus on my fitness.

I highly recommend stopping by for a spin!

Laura H, Plainfield

Alpenglow Fitness is a boutique indoor cycling and bar fitness studio located in Montpelier, Vermont.

We specialize in small group fitness classes that are welcoming, supportive, and challenging; perfect for beginners as well as for seasoned athletes. We want your time in our studio to be sacred, and we want you to have the best workout of your life, every time you come through our doors.

We believe group fitness is about camaraderie, fun, and accountability. We believe there is magic and energy that comes from working out in a group that you don’t quite get when you’re at home doing an exercise video.

We’re not competitive, we don’t have leaderboards and we are a body-positive studio. You won’t see unrealistic body types or airbrushing in our marketing materials. Whether you come to the studio to boost your mood, see your friends, improve mobility, or to further your marathon training, we are here for you!

We have Spinner Shift bikes with computers that track your time, speed, and calories burned; and a beautiful 40-foot ballet barre for barre classes.

Check our schedule today!

Whether your goal is to make friends, get stronger, fit better in your favorite jeans, have more mobility, or train for a century, Alpenglow Fitness has you covered!