Facebook live HIIT workout with Ashley!

Join us Friday, 3/27 at 6:30 am on our Facebook page. Can’t make it then? The video will be available on our FB page after.

What you’ll need:

  • soup cans or light weights
  • a broomstick/broom
  • heavier dumbbells OR a one OR two laundry jugs, milk jugs or something similar with a handle – if you have an empty one in your recycling, fill it up with some water (you’ll be lifting over your head so keep that in mind when you’re determining how much water to add). If you have one, make it heavier, if you have two, go a little lighter
  • A backpack with some books in it (you’ll have this overhead)
  • A dining room chair (a coffee table or stiff couch would work too)
  • A mat or towel