INTERVAL DAY, 40-50 min


You will need two soup cans or light weights.

  1.     Start with an eight to ten minute walk to get warmed up, especially if you’ve been chilling on the couch or working at your computer.
  2.     Set a timer or stopwatch or just use your watch for this next part.

One minute of squats (about 20-30)

One minute of high knees or marching

One minute of butt kicks or donkey kicks

One minute of rest.

  1.     Get two soup cans or use weights if you have them. Weights can be light.

20 biceps curls

20 tricep kick backs (This is where you hold weights or soup cans in your hands and have your elbows by your sides and move your forearms backward toward the wall behind you.)

20 overhead presses (This is where you have the soup cans in your hands and you have your arms out, bent on either side of your head. You will push cans up overhead.)

20 chest flies (This is where you hold your arms out as though you were about to hug a tree. You are going to go in and out with arms and weights as though you hug a tree and release.)

REPEAT 2 and 3 above two more times for a total of three sets.