500 Challenge (2 parts)


Workout and playlist by Taylor Bargmann

Hello all! Today we will embark on the 500 challenge.

Part 1

Here’s what we’ll be doing:
100 Burpees (Plank style, push up, jump, no jump) Alternative: Knee Pushups
100 Air Squats Alternative: Dead Lift (Weights or no weights)
100 Russian Twist Alternative: Normal sit ups
100 Jumping Jacks Alternative: Hold off on the jump
100 Seconds Plank Hold Alternative: Break it down (ex 30 second hold the
first 2x and then push yourself to hold for 40 seconds the last round)
15 minutes Run/Cleanup (You will need a garbage bag)

This is YOUR challenge and you can do as many reps as you want whenever you want!
If you have any questions please message me on FB, I will have my phone.
Now that we are homebound I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate working out into our everyday routines.

Examples: Done with dishes (do 10 squats)

Watching TV (do 25 Russian twists)

Put in a load of laundry (20 Jumping jacks)

There is no right or wrong way to do this challenge. In the end you just need to complete all your reps. (writing out the reps on a piece of paper will help you keep track. A good way to do this is use a scale of 10 and have 1 = 10reps)
You could do 10 reps of each in a rotating circuit and do the whole challenge in one sitting.
You can do half in the am, half in the afternoon.
You can do them slowly though out the day after doing chores of after you finish a good chunk of you work load.


Part 2

Outdoor Section

Please bring garbage bag/gloves
(Weather permitting)
During this time let’s take the time to truly appreciate mother nature. Grab your kiddos/ furry friends and have them come along for the outdoor portion. Bring a garbage bag with you and gloves and safely pick up trash on your “cool down” walk home!

Warm up- Walk for one whole song
Workout- Pick up the pace and jog/run at a 7/10 for one mile. If you do not have a tracking device ball park what you mile time might be.Once you hit your mile it’s time to turn home and pick up all the trash you can in a safely

Post a picture of you with that garbage bag!