Hop, Skip, Jump and Sprint Workout

Workout and playlist courtesy Elise Annes, for April 12 2020


Workout that is perfect for outside. It is another pretty short workout to get it done! With warm up and cool down it is about 40 minutes.

Start with a five-minute warm up by walking or jogging.


One minute of hopping on right foot.

One minute hopping on left foot. (Do these consecutively without a break.)

Rest 30 seconds.


Power Skips one minute lead with left knee up, then one minute lead with right foot up.

(Here is how you do it: Stand up straight with tight core and flat back. Raise your arms to waist height with bend. Now forcefully push off the ground with one foot, elevating one knee up. When you land on the balls of your feet, immediately push up again.)

Rest 30 seconds.


One minute of jumping rope. You can use an actual jump rope, or pretend that you have a jump rope for this exercise.

One minute of broad jump. This means you try to jump as far as you can. Stand with both legs hip distance apart and jump/explode to propel yourself as far as you can.

Rest one minute.


Find a straight away of about 50-80 yards. Do four sprints. If you don’t like to run or spring you
can do burpees or jumping jacks instead.

Rest one minute and do it again (if you are up for it)!

Cool down for five minutes with a walk or jog.