For Thursday, May 21, join Allison at noon for a refreshing midday meditative reset!

Tap into your chakras, tune into yourself. TUNE IN HERE!

Chakras, or wheels, are centers of energy along the human body (along the spine, from sacrum to crown of the head), each of which was a specific function that corresponds with particular aspects of the human experience. When chakras are in alignment, energy is able to flow more freely from head to toe, offering us the opportunity to be in our most balanced and whole state of being.

Led by Allison Steinmetz (, transformational life coach, yoga, barre, spinning, and reiki-certified instructor/healer, this meditation will lead you through a journey of the seven main chakras, clearing associated blocks one by one, in order to bring you into a healed, balanced state. You’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the rest of your week.

The meditation will run for approximately 20 minutes, with the option to stay on for a brief Q+A period afterward. (Total workshop time approx. 30 minutes.) No prior knowledge of chakras or meditation is necessary to participate. This meditation can be done seated or lying down; please feel free to get out any props (bolsters, blankets, mats, etc.) that you need to maximize your comfort.