It seems like a little thing, but wearing a headband can help you feel a lot more comfortable while working out.

The position we ride in can lead to the unpleasant feeling of sweat dripping down your face. Wearing a headband can help keep the sweat off your face and out of your eyes, which means a more comfortable and less distracting ride! I hate when I realize I’ve gotten to the studio without a headband! I keep a few stashed in my car just for that reason.

There are two headbands that I love. The first is Prana’s Organic Headband. They’re $10 through Prana and some local sports shops have them — I’ve seen them at Skirack in Burlington. They are wide and soft; there’s no exposed elastic so they don’t pinch your head or pull your hair. Plus the larger size means there’s more absorption than smaller headbands. These are easy to throw in the wash, just make sure you air dry because heat kills elasticity. They’re casual in style, the ends are unfinished, but do a great job of staying in place and preventing flyaways.

The other headband I love after succumbing to Instagram ads is the Gymwrap (this is a referral link, meaning you get 25% off and I get a little bit of store credit if you purchase via this link). The Gymwrap promises to absorb sweat with a patented triple layer technology. Now, is your hair completely dry after a killer 45 minute cycling class? Mine isn’t! But I have very thick hair and have never been one of those people who “don’t sweat” to put it mildly, so it could be me. What I love about these headbands is they stay in place, you can tie them for a perfect fit, and they have a finished, stylish appearance for a little more polish.

Do you have a favorite headband? Let us know!