We continually strive to make Alpenglow a more inclusive place. Sometimes steps to take are obvious, but sometimes I miss things. I know that I can’t “know what I don’t know” without further education, so I’ve been reading and listening to as many anti-racism resources as I can. I hope this education helps me identify what actions I can take to dismantle racism — both in and out of the studio.

I recently listened to Scene On Radio’s “Seeing White” series, and it blew. My. Mind. This podcast is incredibly well done; I found it educational, infuriating, powerful, and in certain moments, humorous. The host John Biewen and his regular guest Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika examine “just what is going on with white people,” in light of the renewed rise in blatant acts of white supremacy. The podcast illuminates that this is nothing new, and reinforces that there is a lot many of us weren’t taught, or more pointedly, were mis-taught, in school.

We are open and listening here at Alpenglow, if there’s anything we could be doing more or less of, or change, or add, we welcome feedback. Recently, a client suggested that a note in the bathroom by our toiletries could be worded differently to make it more gender inclusive. It was incredibly generous of this client to bring this up, and to do it in such a kind way. It was something I had missed, and thanks to her comment, had the opportunity to learn from, change it, and make Alpenglow more inclusive. If you have feedback, we’re listening!