Are you looking for a way to strengthen and stretch your muscles? Sculpt, Barre, and Body Blast (HIIT style) classes at Alpenglow will help you get stronger, build better balance, and develop more visible muscle tone. Many clients have told us that they’re just too nervous to try an off-the-bike class. Well why? It’s the same instructors you know and love, just on a mat, not a bike! :)

We made this video to give you a demonstration of some of the moves you might see in a sculpt, barre, or body blast class. We work all major muscle groups in our arms, legs, and core, ensuring these workouts are efficient and effective uses of your time. So grab a set of dumbbells or two and a mat, and try this workout at home. We think you’ll love it — then you can join us in person, knowing what to expect!