Certified Yoga Teacher, 200 hour, Aura Wellness Center

Barre Above Certified Instructor

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

Sky BarschI never thought I’d be a fitness instructor, let alone own a fitness studio.

You may have had the same experiences I have had: feeling like an outsider at the gym, being intimidated by the vibe and confusing equipment, and worst of all, putting in so much work but not seeing any progress toward my goals.

I was lucky to find group fitness classes in Central Vermont, and these introduced me to the magic of working out in a class setting with other people. I also found a mentor at Studio Zenith, where the founder, Amy, asked me to lead indoor cycling classes at the new cycling studio she was opening. I wasn’t in great shape at the time, and honestly thought she was joking, that’s how far away I thought I was from being a fitness instructor.

After taking about a million classes, and being trained by other cycling instructors, I began teaching classes at Zenith in 2015. I was instantly hooked. I loved everything about it, especially that moment when class is over and everyone is high on endorphins, sweaty as hell, and feeling amazing about what we just accomplished.

What I’ve learned is, it does not matter what you look like, how fit you are, nor what your scale says: If you love fitness and care about other people’s workout experience, you can be a successful fitness instructor.

(Great taste in music doesn’t hurt either ;)

I ended up purchasing the cycling studio in Montpelier in 2018 and renamed it Alpenglow — a nod to my love for the mountains and the “glowing” feeling you get from exercise. I’ve been enormously lucky to work alongside the most incredible team of instructors, and lead classes for our wonderful clients, who range in age from 12 to 84. I’m proud we’ve built a community where all people feel welcome, and we work hard to break down barriers to partaking in exercise.

My classes are high-energy, fun, challenging, and at the same time, very welcoming for beginners. I carefully select songs to match the feeling of the ride, and keep things interesting with a variety of speed drills.

My passions include cross-country mountain biking and gravel road riding, and I see fitness as a way to connect with friends, feel healthy, and live life in balance.

I have a commitment to sustainability, racial justice, social responsibility, and community building, and live with my husband, Bryan, and German shorthaired pointer, Siena, in Middlesex, Vermont.

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