30-20-10 Walk, Run, or Bike series, 30 minutes

Indoor OR Outdoor

You can download the Spotify playlist and do the timing on your own (You’ll need a watch with a timer function, or if you want you can download the app Seconds and create a 30-20-10 timer.)

OR click the play button below for the playlist and me sounding like a dork counting off the rounds:

You can do this on any cardio equipment indoors, or walk or run outdoors. 


Warm up with a brisk walk, slow jog, or brisk pedal for 10 minutes

Walk, run, or bike slow for 30 seconds

Walk, run, or bike slow at a moderate pace for 20 seconds

Walk, run, or bike slow as fast as you can for 10 seconds

Repeat 4 more times

5 minute break, walking/biking briskly

Repeat 5 more times

Cool down with a 10 minute brisk walk/pedal.

Don’t forget to stretch!